Aviation Xtended Episode Links and Guests:

Ep.149 – Phantom FGR2 and Tornado F-3 with Dave Gledhill: revisited

Navigator, Instructor and author talks about the Phantom and Tornado F3

Ep.148 – Tony Blackman and V-Bombers: revisited

Author, RAF Pilot and Test Pilot Tony Blackman talks about test flying the V-Bombers

Ep.147 – Aviation in Reach with That Girl ATCO

Kim Gough is an Approach Air Traffic Control Officer, has a popular social media profile and is a trustee of the new charitable organisation – AiR Aviation in Reach.

Ep.146 – Test Pilot, Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor went on to have an amazing career flying over 400 aircraft types, a Test Pilot at the Empire Test Pilot School at Boscombe Down. He later joined the UK Civil Aviation Authority as an aeroplane and rotary craft test pilot.

Ep.145 – Talking Space in ’22

Gene Mikulka is the producer and a presenter on Talking Space the leading podcast on space and space exploration topics.

Ep.144 – the Good the Bad and the Ugly: The Aviation Maintenance Industry

Bryan Wheelz is an Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic who has worked across multiple aircraft types. He has worked in aviation maintenance supervisory and management positions and is passionate about aircraft safety. He is also the host of the podcast ‘The Good the Bad and the Ugly: The Aviation Maintenance Industry – Raw’

Ep.143 – Flash points in the Cold War

Michael Napier is a former RAF Tornado Pilot and an internationally acclaimed aviation author

Ep.142 – Unidentified aerial phenomenon & Foo Fighters

Graeme Rendall is an aviation and unidentified aerial phenomena historian, researcher and author

Ep.141 – from Harrier ejection to the flying cow with Gerry Humphreys

Gerry Humphreys is a former RAF Wing Commander with over 2500 hrs on the Harrier. With over 10,000 total flying hours on everything from fast jets, general aviation, aerobatic, sport, land, sea, utility and training aircraft

Ep.140 – South African defence with Darren Olivier

Darren Olivier is a military and aviation journalist and Director at African Defence. He is often sourced for South African and other African military comment in the press, on TV, radio and podcasts

Ep.139 – from Tornado to tri-jet with Michael Napier

Michael Napier is a former RAF Tornado Pilot and then a Captain at British Airways flying the DC10, Boeing 777, the Airbus A320 family and the Boeing 787. Michael is also a internationally acclaimed aviation author

Ep.138 – The Afterburn Podcast with John ‘Rain’ Waters

John ‘Rain’ Waters is a former USAF F-16 combat pilot and demo pilot. Now flying in the civilian world, John is the creator and host of the highly acclaimed and hugely popular ‘The Afterburn Podcast’.

Ep.137 – The war in Ukraine and its impact on aerospace

Ep.136 – Cold War conversations with Ian Sanders

Ian Sanders is presenter and producer of the award winning Cold War Conversations podcast, one of the best history podcasts available. He also produces the Avro Museum Podcast

Ep.135 – Tug Wilson: Confessions of a Phantom pilot

- Former RAF Phantom FGR2 Pilot who also flew the F/A-18 Hornet on exchange) and his final tour was on the Tornado F3

Ep.134 – The Falklands Air War: Part 6 the final analysis

- John Shields, author of ‘Air Power in The Falklands Conflict – An Operational Level Insight into Air Warfare in the South Atlantic’.

Ep.133 – America’s Few: Marine Aces of the South Pacific

- Bill Yenne talks about his book ‘America’s Few – Marine Aces of the South Pacific’,

Ep.132: Coastal Command Chapter 9 – RAF Thorney Island

- Researched by Pieter Johnson, read by Gareth Stringer

Ep.132: Coastal Command Chapter 9 - RAF Thorney Island

-  Sub Lt Armson and PO Johnson talk about experiences of operating from Thorney Island

Ep.131: Coastal Command Chapter 8 – The Fleet Air Arm

- Authors Ben Kite and Matt Willis

Ep.130: Coastal Command Chapter 7 – Australian and Allied aircrews

Andy Bird author of ‘A Separate Little War’, ‘Coastal Dawn’ and ‘Heroes of Coastal Command: The RAF’s Maritime War 1939’. Keith Webb an experienced cinematographer, editor, writer and voiceover artist.

Insert piece recorded by The Australian War Memorial for the Keith Murdoch Sound Archive and we kindly acknowledge the use of this recording for our programme here. It is with Flight Lieutenant Tom Fitzgerald, a Navigator in 547 Squadron

Ep.129: Coastal Command Chapter 6 – The Adversaries

- Mark Lardas, author of Battle of the Atlantic 1939–41 – RAF Coastal Command’s Hardest Fight Against The U-Boats Robert Forsyth  author of‘Shadow over the Atlantic – The Luftwaffe and the U-Boats: 1943–45’

Ep.128: Coastal Command Chapter 5 – Kiwi Crews

- Co hosted by Dave Homewood with guests Don Wilkie – Artist and Athoru and historian / researcher  David Duxbury

Ep.127 – Coastal Command Chapter 4: Strike Wings

-  Authors David Boyd and Andy Bird

Ep.126 – The Luftwaffe’s Special Weapons

-  Robert Forsyth is an author, editor and publisher, specialising in military aviation.

Ep.125 – Major Renaud ‘Grat’ Thys; RCAF, CF-18 Hornet and NATO Air Policing

-  Major Renaud ‘Grat’ Thys, a CF-18 Hornet pilot with the Royal Canadian Air Force and previous Belgium Air Force F16 Display Pilot

Ep.124 – Coastal Command Chapter 3: Battle for the Atlantic

-  Mark Lardas holds a degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and spent his early career at the Johnson Space Centre doing Space Shuttle structural analysis, and space navigation. He is an author of multiple historical books

Ep.123 – Coastal Command Chapter 2: The Aircraft

-  Ian Thirsk was the Head of Collections at The Royal Air Force Museum, with responsibility for the large 3D object collections (aeroplanes) and is a volunteers for the De Havilland Museum

-  Bill Reid is a highly experienced pilot and owner/pilot of the worlds only flyable Avro Anson Mk1

-  Andrew Bird is a highly acclaimed author with multiple titles on Coastal Command

Ep.122 – Coastal Command Chapter 1: ‘Constant Endeavour (The Overview)’

-  Ben Kite is a serving senior British Army Officer. He has served in a variety of different roles in his thirty year Army career including deployments to Belize, Bosnia, Kurdistan, South Africa, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. His service has included operational roles with Royal Marine and Royal Air Force Units, he has instructed at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and is a graduate of the Higher Command and Staff Course.

Ep.121 – Tornado with John Nichol

-  John Nichol flew Tornadoes in the Royal Air Force in both the Air Defence and Ground Attack roles. On active duty during the first Gulf War in 1991 he was shot down. John is an author of multiple military aviation books.

Ep.120 – CIA Station D, Area 51

-  Thornton D. “TD” Barnes current author and ten-year military career as an Army intelligence specialist later working with the CIA. He is now president of Roadrunners Internationale, an association of Area 51 veterans, and is the executive director of the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame.

Ep.119 – Flt Lt Kathy Morten

-  Kathy is a Royal Air Force officer with a Masters Degree in Aeronautical Engineering and shares her experience on military engineering careers

Ep.118 – That Mallard Guy

-  Seaplane Pilot and podcaster about flying in the most beautiful places in the world

Ep.117 – Skunk Works

-  James C Goodall (USAF Retired) and Author of ’75 Years of the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works’

Ep.116 – Restoration Force & the Cockpiteers

-  Gavin Hoffen Author and Cockpiteer

Ep.115 – Defence Review

Ep.114 – Korean Air War with Michael Napier

-  Retired fast jet and airline pilot and internationally acclaimed author Michael Napier to talk about his latest book ‘Korean Air War – Sabres, Migs and Meteors 1950-1953’.

Ep.113 – Katy Lee and Pilots Together

-  Boeing 737NG pilot and fantastic work being done by the charity Pilots Together

Ep.112 – Brian ‘Casmo’ Harris US Army

-  Major Brian ‘Casmo’, Harris who has over 2,200 hours flying the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior and AH-64D/E Apache

Ep.111 – Sarah Cruddas ‘Look Up’

-  Sarah Cruddas is a space journalist, international TV host and award-winning author

Ep.110 – The History of Airline Food

-  Bryce Evans - Author, historian and Associate Professor in History and Politics at Liverpool Hope University

Ep.109 – Dragon Girl, Ellie Carter

-  Ellie Carter – Pilot and STEM Ambassador

Ep.108 – Harrier retirement with AVM Gary Waterfall

-  Air Vice Marshall Gary Waterfall – Harrier Pilot

Ep.107 – Virtual flying and books of the year

Ep.106 – John Romain on the Aircraft Restoration Company & the NHS Spitfire

-  John Romain – Pilot and aircraft restorer

Ep.105 – Supermarine Seafire

-  Matt Willis – Naval Air Historian

Ep.104 – Flying the Super Etendard on exchange with the FAA

-  Lt Cdr Ian Sloan RET – Fleet Air Arm Pilot retired

Ep.103 – Kamov KA-52 Alligator

-  Alexandre Mladenov – Author and Journalist

Ep.102 – Ellie Carter #WomenInAviation

-  Ellie Carter – Pilot and STEM Ambassador

Ep.101 – Thunderbirds are go! Major Michelle Curran USAF Thunderbirds

-  Major Michelle Curran - USAF Thunderbirds F16 Pilot

Ep.100 – One hundred not out with Red 6 and The Airplane Geeks

-  Fl Lt Jon Bond - Red 6 - Red Arrows

-  Max Flight - AirplaneGeeks Presenter

-  Rob Mark - AirplaneGeeks Presenter

-  David Vanderhoof - AirplaneGeeks Presenter

-  Brian Coleman -  AirplaneGeeks Presenter

Ep.99 – Rowland White: Harrier 809

-  Rowland White - Author

Ep.98 – Aeralis

-  Tim Davies – Strategy Director (Ex RAF Tornado Pilot and Hawk Instructor)

Ep.97 – Aviation Books (2019)

Ep.96 – Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things

-  Captain Brenda Romero – E145 Pilot

-  Captain Amanda Harrison – Pilot and Adventurer

Ep.95 – From Hero To Zero: The ditching of VH-EDC

-  Captain Rod Lovell – Pilot and author

Ep.94 – the Boeing 707

-  Charles Kennedy – GA Pilot and Author

Ep.93 – Royal Navy International Air Day 2019

-  Lieutenant Colonel Neil ‘Briggers’ Brighouse - Executive Officer Air Day event;

-  Lt Cdr Flying Lee ‘Kenners’ Kennington - Wings

-  Commodore Jock Alexander - CEO of Navy Wings

-  Lieutenant Commander Andy White - Commando Helicopter Force

-  Lieutenant Chris Rebbeck - Navy Black Cat Display Team

Ep.92 – Captain Hugh Dibley

-  Captain Hugh Dibley FRaeS – Airline pilot

Ep.91 – KC-135 with Mark Hasara

-  Mark Hasara – Pilot and Author

Ep.90 – Aerobatic champion to airline pilot #WomenInAviation

-  Lauren Wilson - UK Female Aerobatic Champion and Airline Pilot

-  Sherrill Semple - Douglas Bader Fundraising Award winner

Ep.89 – Indian Space Programme

-  Gurbir Singh – Author and STEM Ambassador

Ep.88 – Air Chief Marshal Sir Richard Johns GCB KVCO CBE FRAeS

-  Air Chief Marshal Sir Richard Johns GCB KVCO CBE FRAeS

Ep.87 – Ballistic re-entry and here is the news

Episode 86 – Air Ambulance

-  Bill Sivewright - Chief Executive Officer

-  Tracy Bartram - Communications Manager

-  Owen Hammett - Critical Care Practitioner

Ep.85 – ‘Xtra – World War Two aircraft restoration

-  Charlie Walker - Pilot and Restoration Lead

-  Sam Worthington Leese - B737 and Warbird Pilot - Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group.

-  Dave Morris - Curator of the Fleet Air Arm Museum

Ep.84 – Flying Across Britain with Arthur Williams

-  Arthur Williams - GA Pilot, TV Presenter

Ep.83 – Aerospace Engineering

-  Rainer Groh, PhD Meng -  Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow University of Bristol

Ep.82 – Anthony Fokker

-  Marc Dierikx - Senior Researcher at the Huygens Institute of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

Ep.81 – Wings Over New Zealand

-  Dave Homewood - Producer of the ‘Wings Over New Zealand Show’ podcast

Ep.80 – ‘Xtra’ Plane Hunters and Kevan James

-  Andy Jones- Producer of Plane Hunters

-  Kevan James – Author and Journalist

Ep.79 – Fighter Pilot Vincent Aiello and airliner automation

-  Vincent ‘Jell-O’ Aiello - The Fighter Pilot Podcast and retired US Navy F-18 Hornet Pilot

-  Tom Dieusaert – Author and Journalist

Ep.78 – Aerospace chat

Ep.77 – Falklands Air War Part 4

-  Santiago Rivas – Author and Journalist

Ep.76 – Supermarine Swift F4 and aviation books

-  Tim Wood – Aircraft owner

-  Mark Vanhoenacker – Airline Pilot and Author

-  Matt Willis – Historian and Author

-  Simon Jakubowski – Aviation Enthusiast Book Club

Ep.75 – Falklands Air War Part 3

-  Philip Crabtree - Fleet Air Arm Retired Engineer

-  Dave Gledhill – RAF Flight Commander Retired

Ep.74 – Xtra – Operational Flight Testing and Cessna Twins

-  Dave Gledhill – Author and RAF Navigator (Retired)

-  Ron Smith - Author

Ep.73 – Fairey Barracuda

-  Matt Willis – Historian and Author

Ep.72 – RNAS Yeovilton Air Day 2017

-  Tracey Clempson - RNAS Yeovilton PR

-  Captain Michael Barcoe -  Squadron Pilot 101 Squadron and Flying Instructor, FTS Irish Air Corp

-  Captain ‘Tango’ - F-16 Fighting Falcon Pilot – 1st Squadron, Belgium Air Force

-  Major Wayne Capps - C17 315th Airlift Wing, US Air Force

-  Rich Goodwin - Aerobatic Pilot

-  Marcel Uil - NH60 Sensor Operator, Royal Netherlands Navy

-  Anthony Limberg - Basic Six

-  Lawrence Dunning - SSAFA

-  Lt Jane Pitsie - Royal Navy Presentation Team

-  Commodore Nick Tindal - Commanding Officer RNAS Yeovilton

Ep.71 – Falklands Air War Part 2

-  Matt Willis – Historian and Author

-  Commander Nigel ‘Sharkey’ Ward DFC AFC RN Retired – Sea Harrier Pilot and Author

Ep.70 – Falklands Air War Part 1

-  Matt Willis – Historian and Author

-  Commander Tim Gedge AFC RN Retired - Sea Harrier Pilot

-  Commander Larry Jeram-Croft RN Retired - Lynx Pilot

Ep.69 – ‘Xtra’ Around The World with GASE

-  Eddie Gould – GASE

Ep.68 – Combat Air Patrol 2

-  Ed Scio - Sim155

Ep.67 – ‘Xtra’ Royal Navy Lynx MK.8 Retirement

-  Commander Philip Richardson RN - CO 815 NAS

-  Lt Rich Bell RN - Westland Lynx Mk 8 Pilot

-  Lt Commander Joe Harper RNR - Flight Commander HMS DARING at 815 Naval Air Squadron

-  Lt Commander Alun ‘Lucky Al’ Read MBE - Qualified Helicopter Instructor (QHI) with 815 Naval Air Squadron (NAS)

Ep 66 – Rowland White Christmas

-  Rowland White – Author

Ep.65 – Courage in the air

-  Squadron Leader Roger Cruickshank AFC -  Raf Typhoon Pilot and Author

-  Captain Owen Zupp - Boeing 747 pilot and Author

Ep.64 – Let’s Talk Aviation

Ep.63 – Layovers, Skyfaring and Flightchic

-  Marisa Garcia - Journalist at  Flightchic.com

-  Mark Van Hoenacker -  Boeing 747 pilot

-  Paul Papadimitriou - Podcast Producer

Ep.62 – ‘Xtra’ Farnborough International Airshow 2016

-  Flt Lt Jo Arrans – RAF Tactical Officer

-  Squadron Leader Mark Folds – RAF Instructor Pilot VP30 DPS

-  (Nino) Navdip Singh Judge - Chairman POP Airlines

-  John Tugas - Boeing F-18 Super Hornet – Test Pilot

-  Captain Ed Wilson - Boeing 737MAX – Chief Pilot

-  Aaron Mehta -  Journalist at Defence News

Ep.61 – ‘Xtra’ Boeing 100

-  Mike Lombardi -  Curator, Historian and Archivist at Boeing

Ep.60 – Foxy Lady

-  Lewis Gaylard - Photographer and Author

-  Commodore Jon Pentreath OBE - Commanding Officer of RNAS Yeovilton,

-  Commander Henry Mitchell - Commander Air ‘Wings’ 

-  Lieutenant Commander Chris Gotke AFC               - Commanding Officer of the Royal Navy Historic Flight 

-  Captain Niall Griffin - Commanding Officer of the Commando Helicopter Flight

Ep.59 – ‘Xtra’ XB-70 Valkyrie

-  Jeannette Remak - Author from Phoenix Aviation Research

-  Joseph Ventolo Jr -  Author from Phoenix Aviation Research

Ep.58 – Beautiful airfields

-  Neil Wilson - Light Aircraft Association

-  Emma Hughes - Operations Director Compton Abbas

Ep.57 – Aviation Photography and Biggin Hill

-  Rich Cooper - Centre Of Aviation Photography and Professional Photographer

-  Paul Fiddian - Professional Photographer and Author

-  Mike Young – Producer Aircrew Interview

Ep.56 – ‘Xtra’ Soviet Cold War fighters

-  Alexander Mladenov - Author and Journalist

Ep.55 – Space Shuttle Pt.2 with Rowland White – ‘Into The Black’

-  Rowland White - Author

Ep.54 – ‘Xtra’: ‘To Slip The Surly Bonds – The Shuttle Disasters’

-  Jeannette Remak – Author

Ep.53 – ‘Xtra’ Sea King, Barracuda & Shark – The Fleet Air Arm looking back

-  Fl Lt  Aaron Cross – RN Pilot and Squadron Lead

-  Lt Cmdr Niall Griffin MBE - Commanding Officer CHF

-  David Gibbens MBE C Eng FRAeS FSFTE - Flight Engineer, Designer, Pilot, Author, Artist

-  Dave Morris - Museum Curator

-  Matt Willis - Author and Naval Historian

Ep.52 – The Aviation Historian, Optica and Hawker Typhoon

-  Mick Oakey - Managing Editor of the Aviation Historian

-  John Edgley - Pilot, Designer, Owner

-  Sam Worthington Lees – Pilot and restoration lead

Ep.51 – ‘Xtra’ Military Aviation Heritage – The Museums

-  Susan Lindsay - Museum Curator

-  Dave Morris - Museum Curator

-  David Keen – RAF Museum Guide

Ep.50 – Flt Lt Tom Bould ‘Red 7’

-  Flt Lt Tom Bould – RAF Red Arrows ‘Red 7’

Ep.49 – Paul Beaver

-  Paul Beaver - Defence and aviation journalist,  author, pilot. Special advisor UK Defence Committee

Ep.48 – Whirlwind (Xtended Xtra)

-  Chris Hayward - WFP Secretary

-  Jo Ayres - Photographer and Museum Volunteer

-  Neil McCarthy - Pilot and Flight Sim Pilot, plus Airshow Boss

Ep.47 – Into the Black

-  Rowland White - Author

Ep.46 – ‘Xtra’ Space Exploration News

-  Gene Mikulka - Presenter and Producer Talking Space

-  Amjad Zaidi - STEM Ambassador, RocketStem Correspondent

Ep.45 – Jet City Star

-  Isaac Alexander - Journalist and Blogger

Ep.44 – ‘Xtra’ Air Day 2015

-  Commander Ayres -  (Royal Navy) ‘Wings’

-  Lt Colonel Gelders -  (Belgium Air Force) NH90

-  ‘NASA’  - F-16 Pilot (Royal Norwegian Air Force)

-  Rod Holmes and Lindsay Rumbold - #TwitterVForce

-  Anthony Lloyd -  Retired RAF Vulcan Navigator

-  Bill Ramsey - Vulcan XH558 Pilot               (+ Peoples’ Mosquito)

-  Lt Colonel Christianson - USAF C-17 Globemaster III

-  Lt Commander Chris Gotke AFC RN - Royal Navy Display Pilot

-  CPO ACMN Andy Vanes  -  Royal Navy Observer

-  Bryn Vaughn - RN Veteran FAA Fitter      

-  John Periam - PRESS OFFICER RAFA ‘Shoreham Airshow

Ep.43 – Airport Infrastructure

-  Tony Whiting - Operations Director

-  Martin O'Connell - Engineer and Project Manager

Ep.42 – Fifty Years of Flying Fun

-  Rod Dean - Former RAF Pilot, now Airshow Director and Author

-  Dr Ron Smith - Former Aerospace Engineer, pilot and author

-  Rene Verjans - Website owner and pilot

Ep.41 – Performance, Success and Innovation

-  Tim Davies - Squadron Leader, IV(R) Sqn, Hawk T2 - RAF Valley

-  Mike Pickin -  B737 First Officer / Youngest winner of UK Advanced Aerobatics

-  Rachelle N. Ornan – Boeing Regional Director Cabin Experience & Design

Ep.40 – Phantoms, Tornados and V-Bombers

-  Tony Blackman - Test Pilot and author

-  Dave Gledhill - Navigator, Instructor and author

Ep.39 – Top Gun Days and the F-14 Tomcat

-  Commander David ‘Bio’ Baranek  (US Navy Retired) - Former F-14 RIO and Sqn Commander F-14 Fighter Squadron

-  Jon Speilberger - Works for airline and runs F14 FB group

-  Andy Mortimer  -F14 FB Group

Ep.38 – Aerospace Engineering at UCL

-  Dr Stuart Grey –Lecturer in Space Geodesy, University College London

Ep.37 – Moths and ‘Drones’

-  Amanda Harrison - CFI, Commercial Pilot, Tiger Moth and Tiger 9 Display Pilot

-  Philip Tarry – ARPAS Chairman

Ep.36 – the SEPECAT Jaguar

-  Allen Vernon - Ex RAF Technician and maintenance mechanic

Ep.35 – Dr Lewis Pinault

-  Dr Lewis Pinault  - Consultant to NASA and UK Government

Ep.34 – Talking Space, with Gene Mikulka

-  Gene Mikulka - Presenter and Producer Talking Space

Ep.33 – Space Shuttle, Mosquito and Vulcan

-  Rowland White – Author and Guest Host

-  John Lilley - Chairman - The Peoples Mosquito

-  Bill Ramsey - Pilot XH558

Ep.32 – AvantiEvo, ADR and PCPilot Magazine

-  Derek Davis - Editor

-  Gabriella Somerville - Managing Director

-  Darren Olivier - Senior Correspondent 

Ep.31 – Gilo and AirTV

-  Tom Prideaux-Brune - Managing Director

-  Jim Edmonson - Chief Executive

-  Gilo Cardozo - Founder and Chief Technology Officer

-  Matt Williams - Deputy OC, Puma Force Training - Puma HC2 QHI at Royal Air Force / Founder AirTV

Ep.30 – RNAS Yeovilton International Air Day

-  Tracey Curtis Taylor - Pilot

-  Major Marc Le Gresley (Ret) - Pilot / CFI (Ex Army Squadron Commander)

-  Call sign 'Peyote' - Rafael Pilot

-  Lt Commander Lee Evans - Experimental test pilot and instructor

-  LT Alex Lovell-Smith RN - Pilot

Ep.29 – FIA 2014 (Live)

-  Jean Vincent Reymondon - Social Media Manager with the Media Relations Department of the Airbus Group

-  Frank Chapman - Airbus Test Pilot (A350)

-  Aaron Mehta  - Air Warfare Correspondent

-  Tom Prideaux-Brune - Managing Director

Ep.28 – Royal International Air Tattoo (Quick cast)

Ep.27 – From rocket history to spaceplanes

-  Gene Mikulka – Presenter and Producer Talking Space

-  Mike Annis - Presenter and producer

-  David Ashford - CEO Bristol Spaceplanes, Inventor, Engineer

-  Jasmin Evans - Engineering student

Ep.26 – Tiger Moth

-  Amanda Harrison - Pilot and Chief Flying Instructor

Ep.25 – ET702 and Ospreys at Mildenhall

-  Etienne Mallard -             Air Traffic Controller - Geneva Tower

-  Colonel Jim Peterson - USAF Mobilising and the deployment of VH22 Ospreys to RAF Mildenhall

Ep.24 – DC10 retirement and the Jet Age Museum

-  Janice Long - BBC Radio DJ

-  John Lewer - Museum chairman / Jet Age Museum at Gloucester Airport

Ep.23 – Aviation historian, Taranis and a Total Eclipse

-  David Vanderhoof - Airplane Geeks and The UAV Digest presenter, Blogger What Just Flew By

-  Bob Fraser -  Test Pilot for the Taranis

-  Jon Duke - Pilot, Founder Get Into Flying

Ep.22 – Plane Crazy!

-  Grant McHerron - Balloon Pilot, Presenter, Blogger

Ep.21- Xtended’s 12 Days of Christmas

-  Amy Parkin - Blogger and show supporter

Ep.20 – Astronaut Mike Mullane, Rowland White and Gene Mikulka

-  Gene Mikulka - Presenter and Producer

-  Mike Mullane - NASA Astronaut

-  Rowland White - Author and publisher

Ep.19 – the UH-60 Blackhawk and the V-22 Osprey

-  Captain Brian Link - US Army (ex US Marine) and V22 and UH60  Pilot

Ep.18 – Cape Town to Goodwood

-  Tracey Curtiss Taylor – Pilot and adventurer

Ep.17 – Gliding and Airfield Conservation

-  Sam Deeks - Glider Pilot

-  Kenneth Bannerman – CEO Airfields of Britain Conservation Trust

Ep.16 – MAXimum flight!

-  Tom Curtiss  - Save The Southend Air show

-  Max Flight - Presenter / Producer (AirplaneGeeks, UAV Digest, ThePaxEx Podcast)

-  Lambert Dopping-Hepenstal - ASTRAEA Programme Director

-  Charlie Walker - Pilot and Project Manager

Ep.15 – Teamwork and Flight 540

-  Sam Haines - RN Lynx Wildcat Observer

-  RN Leading Aircraftman White /  RM Corporal Whitehouse - Sea King Crew

-  James - Lynx Mk 8 Pilot

-  Earl Moorhouse - Author and Journalist

Ep.14 The Big Book of Flight

-  Rowland White  - Author and Publisher

Ep.13 RAL Space and Captain Eric Winkle Brown

-  Caroline Callard - Marketing and PR (RAL Space)

-  Dr Peter Allen - Head of the Space Data division and Deputy Director of RAL Space.

-  Dr Helen Walker - MERLIN Instrument Scientist, Data Scientist (RAL Space)

-  Sev Gunes-Lasnet - Head of the Autonomous Systems group (RAL Space)

-  Captain Eric Winkle Brown RN Retired – Britain’s greatest Test Pilot

Ep.12 Lauren Richardson, Spit4Hire & Nathan Doidge

-  Lauren Richardson - Pilot / Display Pilot

-  Neil McCarthy - Pilot / Display Pilot

Ep.11 – Dambusters 70th, ‘Get into Flying’ and Tweeting Airlines

-  Fl Lt Jon Duke - 771 NAS Sea King Pilot

-  Carmen Van Boeckel - Aviation Platform

-  Dan Snow - TV Presenter and Historian

Ep.10: The Air League and engineering the Typhoon

-  Scott Pendry - Chairman of The Air League’s ‘Leading Edge’ initiative

-  Bob Smith - Engineering Director Combat Air, Bae Systems

Ep.09: Space Exploration, Space Travel and Moondust

-  Emma Lord - Operations and Policy Director (UK Space Agency)

-  Major Tim Peake - UK ESA Astronaut and Army Air Corps Test Pilot 

-  Gene Mikulka - Presenter and Producer

-  Andrew Smith - Author

Ep.08: Typhoon display 2013, books and 2012 reviewed

-  Flight Lieutenant Jamie Norris - 2013 RAF Typhoon Display Pilot

Ep.07: Rowland White and Concorde

-  Rowland White  - Author

-  Captain David Rowland - Concorde Pilot

-  Huw James - Concorde cabin experience

Ep.06: Aircraft restoration – the Trident & P-51 Mustang ‘Lou IV’

-  Elliot Marsh – Journalist and blogger      

-  Matt Falcuss - Pilot and publisher

-  Terry Dieno - Owner and pilot

Ep.05: Get Into Flying and Careers in Aviation

-  Fl Lt Jon Duke - 771 NAS Sea King Pilot

-  Rosalind Azouzi - Careers Manager

Ep.04: The Hunter and the Super Hornet

-  William Hynet - CEO Britten Norman

-  Stephanie Shierholtz – Raytheon PR

-  Rick Kennedy, Jason Brewer - GE Aviation

-  Commander Jonathon Gabby-Wise - US Navy Pilot

Ep.03: The People’s Mosquito, Edwards AFB and RNAS Yeovilton Air Day

-  Bill Ramsey - Avro Vulcan Pilot

-  Neil McCarthy – Pilot (Hawker Hunter)

-  Captain Greg Goals - Pilot Polish Navy

-  Fl Lt Nick Humble -  Pilot Royal Navy

-  Captain Tino Engles - Pilot German Navy

-  Master Sargent Lewis Distleswag - US Army Crew Chief

Ep.02: A400 Grizzly, secret airfields and the National Aerospace Library

-  Fernando Alonso - Senior Vice President Airbus Flight and Integration Tests

-  Brian Riddle - Chief Librarian National Aerospace Library

Ep.01: ‘Bondy’ – 2012 RAF Tucano Display Pilot

-  Jon Bond - Flight Lieutenant / RAF Tucanno Display Pilot