An independent presenter and producer Pieter Johnson leads XTP Media.  He is passionate about aviation and aerospace.  Its his objective to promote aerospace to those interested and to inform those who seek to be more interested.  His blog Alpha Tango Papa is where he started talking aviation but quickly moved on to producing multi media material.

Published widely across the world, Pieter is now recognised as a leading presenter of European audio aerospace material across Europe and further afield.  Pieter has worked in various parts of the world. In his career he has significant experience of logistics, operational management and business consulting; as well as leading development and CRM programmes for his clients, allowing him to build strong credentials with his clients. 

Much of his career has been spent in advertising and marketing so delivering client messages is a key aspect of what he does. His love of aircraft and flying started when he was introduced to flying by his father who flew Fairey Barracuda and Swordfish in the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm as a Telegraphist Air Gunner.

His own ability to be a pilot was short lived. Pieter started his PPL and soloed on 8 hours at Panshanger (EGLG) in the UK and later soloing in the USA at Arthur Dunn (X21) airfield in Florida, going on to fly extensively, including his solo cross country. 

His challenge is to bring positive aviation and aerospace news and reviews that help educate and inform those interested and in some cases those who want to or, need to know.  He has a relaxed style and this helps to facilitate client, guest and news interviews. Some significant and influential people in aerospace and aviation circles have been interviewed by Pieter.